This is a collection of old finished renders that were formative in my 3D journey.

Story time: I started learning 3D when I was 13, around 2003. At the time, it was really hard to find tutorials and resources to learn, particularly in accessible in spanish.

Because of that, one of the things I focused on while learning was also reinterpreting and translating tutorials to spanish. I decided to contribute with various 3D tutorials to DiseñAr, a long gone (but fairly active at that time) argentinian design tutorial website, which also let me learn the basics of teaching.

It took me roughly 5 years to grow a foundational understanding of the workflows and tools available, which is why I only started really considering my projects since 2008. That said, I might upload some very old and ugly renders for the uncanny vibes at some point.

Looking back, the mechanical and architectural motifs have been present since I started taking this hobby more seriously.

The Temple (2016)

Cy-gor (2016)

Angel Robot (2012)

Sound of Nature (2009)

Featured in Movistar’s ArteJoven 2010

Forgotten Cathedral (2008)

Featured in CGSociety