This section contains all the places my artwork has been featured or referenced externally.

Tolkien Gateway (2022)

The Tolkien Gateway is a wiki dedicated for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and is one of the biggest resources for anything Tolkien in general. In fact, it was what I used to study the source material for my Door of Night project.

After I published my piece, they requested to use the render as illustration for the wiki page, which you can find here. Naturally, it’s an honor to be able to represent the article, as Tolkien was my inspiration to get into fantasy and art in the first place.

3DWorld (2020)

My Police Headquarters work was featured on issue 266 of 3D World, released in late 2020. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch a physical copy of it, but you can find it digitally at various digital stores.

CGGT/Redshift (2017)

I originally made Magical Moments for the annual holiday card that the SIG Lab shares at the University of Pennsylvania. I focused on its very iconic College Hall and it’s magical winter atmosphere.

Since then, it has been featured on the Computer Graphics and Game Technology Program’s landing page.

It was also featured and used as promotional material for Redshift in the pre-Maxon days.

3DArtist (2017)

My Deconstruction work was presented in a full two-pages style on 3DArtist’s issue 106 along with a short description. This was a delightful surprise, as this was purely student work for a 3D modeling class at Penn.

I found however that there was a mistake on the bio section of my profile, so if you come from the link on the magazine I’m sorry for any confusion!

Movistar ArteJoven (2010)

Movistar, a big telecommunications provider, organized an event for young artists back in 2010. I applied and became a finalist, which meant I was invited to present my Sound of Nature work at the Borges Cultural Center’s art pavilion. It was a very fun experience and came with its challenges, like making sure that my render had enough resolution for a high quality print.

CGSociety (2008)

My oldest “finished” 3D work is Forgotten Cathedral, which was featured by CGSociety in 2008. Although clearly a flawed piece, it solidified my interest in fantasy architecture.